Marketing Strategy

Planning and Executing Successful Marketing Campaigns

Great or small, your company has an idea; something to share with the world. It is the job of CR Spark to take your product or service and help you find its voice; to help you and your organization use that voice to shout out above the white-noise of today’s constant stream of ads and make that voice heard. That’s what we do.

Developing strategies for online projects is a challenge for a lot companies, even ones with in-house marketing teams. When the complexities of your business, your product(s), and your ongoing marketing efforts are taken into consideration, a lot of organizations find it useful to outsource new campaigns and strategies in order to add value without spreading their current teams too thin. This is where CR Spark can help.

When working with a new client, the first thing we do is review what your company has to offer, what marketing tools and efforts are currently in place, and what strategies you and your company have or would like to implement. This is how we establish a way forward for your online presence, while keeping in line with what your users want and expect, along with any corporate objectives you may have. Our goal is to find a marketing solution that takes advantage of multiple marketing channels in a cohesive strategy that expedites the growth of your organization while meeting your needs in regards to both expectations and cost.

Our next step in the process of creating a great online marketing strategy is research. We research your companies past and present marketing campaigns, do competitor analysis, and we take a look at case studies, both inside and outside your businesses market. Once we have a good idea of what we think will create the biggest wins for your organization, we present a detailed marketing strategy for both short and long-term gains. If everyone involved approves the strategy and we are given the green light to move forward, whether this is for one campaign or a full digital marketing strategy, CR Spark starts on the most important part of the entire process… execution.

Whether your company prefers to use CR Spark and our marketing team for insight and guidance, or would like to use our full array of resources from inception to execution, we have everything you require to make your next marketing endeavour a success.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising

Mark Twain

Online Marketing Strategy

Inception to Execution.
Defining and executing online marketing strategy requires a comprehensive approach that considers every aspect of your business and its current online presence. Our team of digital marketing professionals will help you and your company define an overriding vision and marketing strategy that you can use to understand precisely where your business needs to be heading in order to provide a rich user experience and develop an online experience for customers that generates positive ROI far into the future.

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Review, Research, Execute

The foundation of an effective online marketing strategy is built upon an understanding of the client, its product, its market, and its goals. Our basic formula for success is simple:

  • Online Review
  • Research & Analysis
  • Strategy & Execution

Why Choose CR Spark?

CR Spark employs a complete marketing team with a breadth of knowledge and experience across the full spectrum of online marketing channels. This gives us the unique ability to think and plan strategically, creating a cohesive online marketing plan. That, along with our ability to work with each clients’ existing goals and strategies, are proven to achieve positive results with high ROI. Our extensive marketing experience, and the capability to follow through with projects from inception to execution, make CR Spark the perfect choice to guide and assist you through any online marketing need.

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